Chapter Officer Role Descriptions


Oversee all Chapter activities with and through other officers. Ensure that officer positions are filled and oversee annual officer nomination and election processes. Represent the Chapter on all official HDI matters and serve as spokesperson for the Chapter in the local community. Lead Chapter meetings and social activities. Take steps to ensure that all officers and members abide by the HDI Local Chapter Operating Principles and Policies Agreement. The Chapter President (and all other officers) should be encouraged to attend the annual Conference of Help Desk Institute, the annual HDI Officers Summit Meeting, and to participate in all Chapter planning meetings.

  1. Oversee all chapter planning.
  2. Manage chapter projects.
  3. Ensure that appropriate forms and data are submitted to HDI for Circle of Excellence.
  4. Lead chapter meetings.
  5. Serve as host for Awards Banquet.
  6. Plan annual officer retreat.
  7. Serve as a backup for multiple officer roles.
  8. Plan and manage elections.
  9. Work with officers to ensure that they are meeting their goals.
  10. Organize team members for special events.
  11. Plan strategic goals for the chapter.
  12. Follow and maintain chapter by-laws.
  13. Ensure that the chapter complies with HDI rules and regulations.
  14. Foster growth and mentor officers.
  15. Represent chapter in all official matters.
  16. Plan and manage officer board meetings.


Vice President, Programs

Identify topics, arrange for speakers and meeting agendas, and organize the monthly Chapter meetings with the assistance of a Programs committee, other board members, and Chapter members. Lead Chapter meetings and social activities in the President’s absence. Serve as primary contact person for fielding educational program ideas and requests, and communicating these ideas to HDI Global.

  1. Obtain meeting locations 3 months in advance.
  2. Obtain meeting speakers 3 months in advance.
  3. Vets speaker presentations and remove vendor specific occurrences.
  4. Work with VP of Website Management to get meeting events posted.
  5. Works with VP of Communications to setup registration.
  6. Works with VP of Communications to setup surveys and take action on the data.
  7. Works with VP of Media and Publications to post follow-up mini newsletters.
  8. Plans and create meeting presentations.
  9. Works with VP of Vendor Relations to ensure meeting sponsorship and food/snacks for the meeting.
  10. Attends all monthly chapter meetings or have coverage in place to ensure that everything is in order.
  11. Backup – VP of Membership or President.


Vice President, Membership

Maintain Chapter membership list and design and implement strategies for building Local Chapter membership. Support Vice President, Programs officer in leading Chapter meetings and other activities in the President’s absence. Coordinate membership drives and related activities with VP, Programs. Establish committees or programs to build membership.

  1. Will be onsite at meetings to handle the following registration:
    • Registration
    • Raffle tickets (if conducting a raffle)
    • Manual Registrations
    • Bring setup material – Table cloth, signs, etc.
    • Verify membership status at the desk
  2. Works with VP of Communication to ensure the registration forms are working.
  3. Will analyze data and provide meeting attendance data two weeks after every meeting.
  4. Works with HDI to get free membership winners registered in the system.
  5. Prints meeting badges for members and non-members.
  6. Plans the AOY registration desk :
    •    Handle communication for bad registrations
    •    Verify all attendees membership levels
    •    Verify that all others are authorized to go
    •    Print badges
  7. Provides membership data to end users that have questions about their status.
  8. Works with HDI for membership registrations that have gone poorly.
  9. Provides updated HDI contact list to VP of Communications to update constant contact on a yearly basis.
  10. Maintains registration data on the Google drive for historical purposes.
  11. Attends all monthly chapter meetings or have coverage in place to ensure that the check-in desk is handled.
  12. Backup – VP of Programs and other trained officers.


Vice President, Communications

Design and implement strategies for communications with Local Chapter membership and other interested professionals. Oversee the content of the website/newsletter and maintenance of the mailing/email lists, working closely with the VP, Membership and Webmaster. Maintain official records of Chapter activities, record minutes of Chapter meetings and Officer meetings, and issue meeting agenda. Provide HDI Global office with at least one copy of all announcements, newsletters, and other materials that are produced and distributed by the Chapter or on behalf of the Chapter. Will be responsible for editorial content, production and distribution of Chapter newsletter. Owns the social media and blogging experience along with news posting on the chapter website.

  1. Manages all electronic communication:
    • Works with Webmaster to post monthly meeting registration 1.5 months in advance.
    • Sends meeting and event announcements and registration information 1.5 months in advance.
    • Handles and manages all social media postings and responses on Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter.
    • Produces at least bi-monthly newsletter to meet HDI requirements.
  2. Posts meeting survey for those that attended a meeting the day after the meeting.
  3. Posts the AOY registration form and work with the VP of Special Events and VP of Membership to ensure that the form meets their needs.
  4. Handles special communication campaigns:
    • Special events
    • One-time messaging
  5. Ensure quality of distribution list.
  6. Manages the chapter meeting note taking process and has a backup in place for times that they can’t attend.
  7. Maintains a yearly document containing all meeting notes and submits them to HDI as needed.
  8. Creates a yearly report for HDI that contains the communication to our end users.
  9. Takes pictures of events and monthly meetings or has a backup in place.
  10. Attends at least 60% of monthly chapter meetings.
  11. Backup – Webmaster and other trained officers.


Vice President, Finance

Responsible for Local Chapter expenditures and receipts and maintenance of financial transactions related to the Local Chapter. Prepares and submits financial statements to HDI Global on an annual basis, following proper procedures to ensure that the Chapter adheres to the requirements of a non-profit organization. Ensures that all financial commitments are for Local Chapter purposes only and that HDI Global is not liable for Local Chapter expenses, liabilities or financial obligations, or taxes associated with the Local Chapter activities.

  1. Creates and manages invoices for the chapter.
  2. Manages the reimbursement process for each of the chapter officers.
  3. Provides chapter financial health reports on a monthly basis.
  4. Handles deposits and works with the VP of Vendor Relations to ensure that sponsors are paying for the benefits that they are receiving.
  5. Deals with HDI in terms of ensuring that they are reimbursing us for training and membership dues.
  6. Creates projections for financial needs of the chapter and provides guidance on when and how we can spend money.
  7. Provides required financial data to HDI on a regular schedule.
  8. Manages the sponsor payment system.
  9. Works with the VP of Vendor Relations to ensure engagement with our sponsors for renewals:
    • Verifying that it happens twice a year:
      • 3 months after start
      • 3 months before renewal
  10. Attends at least 60% of monthly chapter meetings.
  11. Backup – President and other trained officers.


Vice President, Vendor Relations

Serve as liaison to the Chapter Board representing vendor/supplier interests. Enhance the opportunity for and value of appropriate interaction between our vendor members and practitioner members. Be sensitive to and identify any practitioner-vendor relationship concerns. Administer vendor Chapter sponsorship and other activities with the assistance of the board. Provide input about the latest industry technology to the Chapter’s membership. Manage and produce any Vendor Fair or other special vendor programs.

  1. Executes the final sale to vendors and works with the VP of Finance to invoice those sponsors for payment.
    • Provides them with a specific outline of their benefits once the invoice is paid and sets expectations for the sponsor.
  2. Preforms a monthly audit to ensure that all of the sponsors are receiving their benefits.
    • Works with Webmaster to remove and add logos (monthly).
  3. Manages the sponsorship levels and creates documentation/flyers to help our officers sell those memberships.
  4. Makes cold calls and reaches out to contacts to create new sponsorship opportunities.
  5. Manages our vendor/sponsorship contact list for potential/future sales.
  6. Manages the meeting sponsorship ensures that we have a sponsor at each meeting.
  7. Ensures that the Chapter and Premiere sponsors are utilizing all of their benefits.
    • An audit should occur at least twice a year:
      • 3 months after start
      • 3 months before renewal
    • Works with the VP of Finance to ensure engagement with our sponsors.
    • Plans the AOY Sponsorship process:
      • Handles early arrivals and vendor table organization.
      • Organizes and communicates with the vendors about arrival and break down times.
      • Handles the prize drawing process and coordinates with the VP of Special Events.
      • Ensures that we have vendor sponsorships to help pay for the event.
      • Works with the officer team to cast a wide net over all of our vendor contacts and uses their relationships to open doors so a sale can be made.
  8. Attends at least 60% of monthly chapter meetings.
  9. Backup – VP of Finance and other trained officers.


Vice President, Special Events

Responsible for overall coordination of Chapter programs and social activities other than the monthly Chapter meetings. This includes the annual Analyst of the Year Awards program, Chapter dinner at the HDI Annual Conference, and other events that are determined as appropriate by the Board.

  1. Plans and organizes entire AOY event:
    • Plans the communication/registration process with the VP of Communication and VP of Membership.
    • Manages nominations process
    • Manages judging process
    • Identifies and organizes the venue:
      • Plans meals
      • Plans furniture arrangement
      • Plans AV equipment
      • Plans music
      • Plans entertainment
      • Handles contracts with host site
    • Manages photography
    • Manages awards ceremony process.
    • Handles getting and distributing awards for nominees
    • Plans the registration desk process with the VP of Membership.
    • Works with VP of Vendor Relations and Finance to ensure that we have enough sponsors to cover our outgoing expenses.
    • Plans survey follow-up process for AOY with the VP of Communication.
    • Organizes the schedule of events for those helping out so they are aware of where they need to be and at what time.
  2. Plans all other special events/meetings.
  3. Attends at least 60% of monthly chapter meetings.
  4. Backup – VP of Operations and other trained officers.


Vice President, Training & Development

Works with HDI National to schedule, coordinate and run the HDI training in the area. Attend at least the beginning of the class of the first day to ensure that it is kicked off correctly, and that all attendees are made aware of our AZ HDI Local Chapter. Keep the chapter officers informed of when what courses are happening and how many are registered to attend. If registration is not enough to hold the class, coordinate sending email to our membership to let them know that the course may be cancelled if more do not sign up. If a course needs to be cancelled, coordinate that with HDI national and inform the chapter officers. Coordinate the payment from HDI National to the AZ HDI chapter for classes that were held.

  1. Works with HDI to ensure venue locations meet their needs.
  2. Works with venue to schedule training dates and locations.
  3. Handles additional communication to drive up registration numbers or fill classes that are at risk of cancellation.
  4. Works with VP of Finance to ensure that we are being properly reimbursed by HDI.
  5. Will be onsite (or a delegate) at the training events to do the following:
    • Handles required meals and snacks that HDI needs us to provide.
    • Introduces the Local Chapter to the attendees at the beginning of meetings.
    • Cleans up after meetings.
  6. Works with the Webmaster to post training dates to the website on a regular basis.
  7. Attends at least 50% of monthly chapter meetings.
  8. Backup – Webmaster and other trained officers.


Vice President, Operations

Maintain a yearly calendar of dates identifying each action that needs to take place organized by officer. Provides reminders to the officers and status updates to the group to ensure that we are meeting goals and handling items on time. Manages chapter goals and calls us out when we are not meeting expectations. Organizes quarterly Leadership Council team calls and updates the members on a monthly basis. Ensures that the Leadership Council team is being used appropriately.

  1. Prepares and manage important tasks that have a deadline.
  2. Follows up with Chapter officers regarding action items from Officer meetings.
  3. Updates the group on when items are due on a monthly basis.
  4. Ensures that we are reaching chapter goals. Ask for reporting from officers to ensure that things are on track.
  5. Sends out reminders when items have not been completed.
  6. Manages the Leadership Council:
    •    Plan quarterly calls with Leadership Council members.
    •    Onboard new individuals and get them assigned to projects.
    •    Work with members and officers to ensure appropriate use.
    •    Send out monthly communication to keep them up to date.
  7. Creates project plans for big events and work with each chapter officer and Leadership Council members to ensure that they are aware of their part in the event.
  8. Attends at least 60% of monthly chapter meetings.
  9. Backup – President and other trained officers.



Responsible for the production, maintenance, and content of the chapter’s website; this includes working with all officers and committees to obtain the necessary information to be posted to the web site.

  1. Posts monthly meeting info on the website.
  2. Posts training and event info on the website.
  3. Posts meeting follow-up blog info on the website.
  4. Removes and adds sponsorship info as to the website.
  5. Posts quarterly blog info on the website.
  6. Audits and update all content on a yearly basis.
  7. Manages site access and provide training to officers on how to access the system.
  8. Manages security patches and updates to the system.
  9. Vets the addition of requested plugins and has an approval process.
  10. Maintains a backup of the site and other systems (quarterly).
  11. Handles communication with the vendor during outages.
  12. Manages email domain and accounts.
  13. Manages group email lists for the chapter.
  14. Ensures that content on the site is up-to-date.
  15. Attends at least 60% of monthly chapter meetings.
  16. Backup – VP of Communications and other trained officers.


Past President/Chapter Advisor

This position is filled by the persons who have previously served as Chapter President and remain actively involved in the operations of the Chapter. They will serve as a member-at-large on the board to provide some additional continuity and share the benefit of their experience and ideas, as well as perform duties as specified by the President.